meeting room hire in east london

Meeting Rooms

Our light and tastefully decorated meeting rooms are perfect for small to medium meetings, training events and regular courses.

They are also ideal for use as breakout room during larger conferences.

0203 633 7123

Board Room

Dimensions: 5.2m by 5.6m
Area: 29.1m²

Starting at: £45 per hour


Dance Studio

Dimensions: 11.6m by 4m
Area: 46.4m²

Starting at £60 per hour


1 Large Classroom

Dimensions: 9.4m by 6.1m
Area: 57.3m²

Starting at: £60 per hour


1 Medium Classroom

Dimensions: 5.7m by 6.1m
Area: 34.8m²

Starting at £55 per hour


2 Meeting Rooms

Dimensions: 6m by 4m
Area: 24m²

Starting at £50 per hour



We also have our own coffee shop here with Free Wi-Fi and a lounge area!